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Acero Schools

Network & School Experience

High Expectations

All Acero Schools faculty and staff hold themselves to high-expectations in every aspect of their jobs. The student school day is a full day and planning and meetings among various staff members occur before, during, and after school.

Each Acero faculty or staff member believes that all students are capable of being more competitive at the end of the year than they were at the beginning of the year (as measured by each student’s National Percentile Ranking on NWEA or their STEP level). In addition, Acero teachers believe that all students scoring at least one full grade-level behind are capable of achieving 1.5 years of growth within one year.

Collaborative, Professional Environment

All members of the Acero community contribute to a highly-collaborative and professional environment. Acero teachers collaborate with one another (grade-level partners, non-classroom teachers, the Special Education department, etc.) in order to plan for the most meaningful learning experiences for all students. 

All Acero faculty and staff understand the importance of building relationships with parents in order to increase student achievement. As a result, Acero Schools teachers and Principals engage parents in a wide variety of ways to ensure the education of each student is a partnership. Teachers call parents regularly to update them on the progress of their child, and meet with them before or after school when necessary. All parents are expected to sign a “parent contract” which delineates the expectations of the parents and the school. Principals meet with parents regularly in individual and small-group settings. Acero Schools staff and faculty also participate in a wide variety of evening school activities that occur throughout the year, such as monthly Family Literacy Nights.

Structured environments that maximize learning

A key component to all Acero Schools is a highly productive and structured school environment. Each Acero teacher maintains and builds a classroom culture conducive to learning by establishing and following through on clear behavior expectations. Students are expected to be in full uniform and adhere to the classroom and school rules 100% of the time. The consistent and predictable environment within each classroom creates a school culture that is focused on high-quality learning.

Involvement in a broader community

Although there are 15 different Acero schools, all schools in the network come together throughout the year to celebrate various occasions. Acero Schools also has an Athletic Program that engages students and families in cross-network competition. Sports within the program include soccer, basketball, flag football and volleyball for boys and girls.