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Careers with Acero

Make your mark at Acero Schools.
Acero Schools is the top-performing public charter school network in Chicago, with 12 Acero campuses ranked at top performance levels by Chicago Public Schools.
Our success as a school network is a reflection of what is possible when a community of teachers, schools, parents and students work together.
Join our community.  For teachers starting their careers, we want to be part of your memories of decorating your first classroom.  For veteran teachers, we want to be your petri dish for innovative classroom practices. 
We have something special here growing and we want you to help push us to that next level -- we're talking best school network in the country.  We have what it takes --- great staff and great students!
  • Collaboration with fellow teachers? Yes! We encourage it!
  • Parent buy-in and engagement?  Yes! Our families and staff have great relationships!
  • Room to make your mark? Yes! Our teachers have more autonomy than most other school networks.


Now Hiring: Check our current vacancies and apply today. 
Meet our Talent Acquisition Team out on the road. 
Our 2018 career fair schedule:
Feb. 26 - Northern Illinois University Education Professions Fair - DeKalb, IL
Feb. 27 - Illinois State University Education Career Fair - Normal, IL
Mar. 1 - Loyola / DePaul / UIC Education Consortium Career Fair - Chicago, IL
Mar. 5 - University of Illinois Educator Fair - Champaign, IL
Mar. 5 - Grand Valley State University Out-of-State Teacher Fair - Allendale, MI
Mar. 8 - Acero Schools-Cruz Link & Learn Open House Networking - Chicago, IL
Apr. 7 - Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) Teacher Job Fair - Chicago, IL
Apr. 11 - Wisconsin  Education Recruitment Fair - Madison, WI
Apr. 23 - Minnesota Education Job Fair - Minneapolis, MN
Apr. 26 - Acero Schools-Soto H.S. Link & Learn Open House Networking - Chicago, IL
Apr. 27 - Acero Schools-Cisneros Link & Learn Open House Networking - Chicago, IL
More ways to get in touch:
Ready to make your mark with us but worried about Chicago winters?  
Chicago is ranked as the best city in the world to live - check it out!  (TimeOut Chicago)