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High School Program

High School Curriculum Model

The vision of the Acero's High School program is to graduate global, model citizens who, via rigorous study, are self-disciplined, articulate, entrepreneurial and life-long learners.

Acero's High Schools will graduate students with the following characteristics:

  • Bridge cultures by knowing how to foster and sustain healthy relationships;
  • Model the highest standards of citizenship;
  • Self-disciplined, self-aware and self-accountable;
  • Articulate, with the capacity to communicate with all audiences;
  • Entrepreneurial and self-confident, able to take calculated risks, be competitive, and self-motivated;
  • Engage in acquiring and applying knowledge through life-long learning.


Acero's High Schools create a safe and structured learning environment that is challenging and provides students with opportunities to master the skills and content as outlined in the College Readiness Standards and AP curriculum. Students will experience critical study learning opportunities that prepare them to become self-directed learners and critical thinkers. Rigor will be emphasized through advanced content and skills (higher order thinking, critical analysis, writing for multiple purposes, etc.), ensuring that the Acero graduate is prepared for success in college and life.

Acero's High Schools employ a project-based approach that focuses on interdisciplinary study, problem-based learning, and research-based literacy strategies grounded in differentiated instruction. Interdisciplinary study fosters relationships between teacher and learner and empowers students to use knowledge, express their learning, and make sense of their learning. Problem-based learning is based on applying prior knowledge to solve new problems in a pragmatic way. This ensures that students spend most of their time using the higher order thinking skills, specifically evaluation and analysis, necessary to their success in higher education. Students are expected to be entrepreneurial and to develop the ability to understand problems, identify opportunities and propose solutions to a range of issues in industry and society. Acero's High School instructional approach empowers students to use knowledge purposefully and communicate their learning as they work to meet the high standards expected of them.

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