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Acero Schools

Teachers and a large group of kindergarten students waiting to begin class.
Female kindergarten student excited about starting school.
Female kindergarten student at play.
Two male kindergarten students standing together smiling after playing.
Kindergarten class and teacher flexing their muscles as they get ready for a great day of learning.
Students, parents and school leadership entering the building for their very first day of class.
Male kindergarten student at play.
Group of five female kindergarten students at play.
Female kindergarten student at play.
Four elementary school boys review specimens using a magnifying glass
Two female students learning about specimens at the nature museum
Male kindergarten student at play.
A shot of Acero Schools parents and families of all ages with their teacher and school principal.
We Are Acero

News & Announcements

Welcome to Acero Schools

Welcome Friends,
As we start 2018, we have much to be thankful for at Acero Schools - the top-performing public charter school network in Chicago. We are especially thankful for being the gateway to opportunity for more than 7,500 students who attend our 15 schools across this great city.
At Acero we don’t just have dedicated students. We have a strong community of parents who believe in the importance of a good education and talented faculty and dedicated staff who care deeply about making a positive difference in the lives of our students.  
We have built a strong record of achievements.
·          12 Acero Schools are ranked at the highest performance levels by Chicago Public Schools
·          Our students continue to demonstrate an undaunted commitment to success with an average daily         attendance rate of 96 percent
·          Acero high school students have an 86 percent graduation rate
·          More than 300 of our students are eligible for and have been awarded the Illinois and Chicago Seals of Biliteracy for their proficiency in Spanish
Chicago Magazine also named three of our schools among the top five Charter Elementary Schools in 2016, and for three consecutive years the Illinois Network of Charter Schools has selected Acero students for their “Outstanding 8thGrader” award.
As you can see, we are delivering on our mission and vision to transform minds and launch the next generation of extraordinary life-long learners, discerners and doers.   
For 2018, we are committed to continually living our values of Achievement, Community, Excellence, Resilience and Optimism and providing our students with a welcoming learning environment and the academic opportunities that will enable them to achieve and succeed.
Wishing you a happy and healthy 2018!
Richard L. Rodriguez
Chief Executive Officer
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  • 1998 Year Established
  • 15 # of schools
  • 7500 # of students
  • 96% Average Attendance