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Contributing, respecting and serving our community is a core value at Acero Schools. With your help, we are able to further our mission of transforming minds through academic empowerment and success while also supporting our scholars and their families in crisis. 


Donor Initiatives



Somos Scholarship

The Somos Acero Scholarship was created to recognize the achievements of our students and to support their educational journeys when they graduate from high school. A unique feature of the scholarship is that it is awarded to elementary school graduates as well as the graduates of our three high schools. Our goal is to encourage all of our students to pursue the collegiate education of their choice and to remain rooted in our community of scholars.


Offering laptops for home use provides a valuable option for students most interested in the online learning option afforded through #AceroLearnsEveryone, the network’s remote learning experience. At a total cost of $360 per Chromebook, please consider helping us secure additional technology resources for our outstanding scholars.

Housing and Food Security

Having a safe and secure home and consistent access to fresh and healthy food is foundational for our scholars and families to achieve their maximum potential. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, too many of our Acero families are suffering significant economic distress. Many have experienced layoffs, furloughs, lost employment opportunities and unexpected medical costs.

All funds raised go directly to scholarships, the purchase of student Chromebooks or to address housing and food insecurity.




Donating via PayPal


Donate via Paypal


If you wish for your donation to remain anonymous, please include a note in PayPal.


If you wish to designate your donation to one of the specific fundraising categories - “Somos Scholarship”, “Technology”, “Housing Security” or “Food Security”, please include a note in PayPal.



Housing donation example picture


Contributions may also be focused more specifically for the benefit of an individual school.


School Designation


If you wish for your contribution to go toward any of the aforementioned giving initiatives in the greatest need, please leave the note section blank.

Donating via Check
Please mail checks payable to “Acero Charter Schools Inc.” and send to:
Acero Schools
Attn: External Affairs Dept.
18 S. Michigan Ave., Floor 9
Chicago, IL 60603
If you wish for your donation to remain anonymous, please include a note in the check memorandum field.
Please indicate on the memorandum of the check if you wish to designate your donation to the  “Somos Scholarship”, “Technology”, “Housing Security” or “Food Security”. If you wish for your donation to go towards supporting a specific school, please also include this in your notation.
Memo: Technology
Memo: Fuentes Housing Security
In-Kind Donations
For information about making material or in-kind donations, please call the External Affairs Department at (312) 637-3900 or email [email protected].
Corporate Matching Donations
Many employers offer a matching gift program. Check with your employer to see if you are able to increase the impact of your donation through a corporate matching gift.
Thank You to Our Donors
Because of your generous contribution, Acero Schools is closer to achieving our shared vision, launching the next generation of extraordinary life-long learners, discerners and doers. Thank you!
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