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Acero Schools

Somos Acero Scholarship

Somos Acero Scholarship

The Somos Acero Scholarship was created to recognize our students' achievements and support their educational journeys when they graduate from high school. A unique feature of the scholarship is that it is awarded to elementary school graduates and the graduates of our three high schools.

Our goal is to encourage all our students to pursue the collegiate education of their choice and remain rooted in our community of scholars.

From our beginnings, we sought to provide excellent educational opportunities for our community members and our Somos Scholarship winners embody our success in that endeavor. Acero 8th-grade and high school graduates go on to attend Acero high schools, prestigious secondary schools, and a diverse representation of colleges, trade schools, and universities across the nation. Not only do these students stand out through their academic achievements, they also embody the Acero values of Achievement, Community, Excellence, Resilience and Optimism.