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Elementary Athletics

At the elementary level, Acero Athletics offers six team sports available to academically eligible 5th-8th graders:


Each season lasts between 8-12 weeks and consists of weekly practices and organized games. Student-athletes are taught the fundamentals of the game. The focus is on skill development and teaching valuable life lessons through sport (e.g., sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline and commitment).

Acero schools play in their own league – the Acero Athletic Conference. Parents are expected to support their student-athlete(s) in their sports activities and be present at team meetings and games. A student fee is charged for participation in each sport. These funds help to offset costs associated with the program (e.g., officiating, equipment, rental of facilities for games, etc.). Uniforms are purchased by each individual participant in advance and can be used across multiple sports and seasons.

Elementary Athletics Scores
Elementary Athletic Scores 
Sport  Date  Scores 
Flag Football 5/7/19 Brighton Park 19 - Casa 12
Flag Football  5/7/19 Cisneros 12 - Idá 6
Flag Football  5/8/19 Brighton Park 6- Idár 25
Flag Football  5/13/19
Game 1: Santiago 24- 6 Clemente 
Game 2: Santiago 6-6 Clemente 
Flag Football  5/14/19
Idár 6- 13 Marquez