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Acero Schools

Acero Schools Links

Below you will find links and resources for more information about all Acero schools. Click through and learn something new!
For a map of school locations, click here.
  Brighton Park Elementary School
_(312) 455-5434
_Video- Enroll at Brighton Park
  Bartolomé de las Casas Elementary School
_(312) 432-3224
_Video- Enroll at Casas
  Sandra Cisneros Elementary School
_(773) 376-8830
_Video- Enroll at Cisneros
  Roberto Clemente Elementary School
_(312) 455-5425
_Video- Enroll at Clemente
  Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz K-12 School
_(312) 455-5440
_Video- Enroll at Cruz
  Carlos Fuentes Elementary School
_(773) 279-9826
_Video- Enroll at Fuentes
  Mjr. Hector P. García M.D. High School
_(773) 579-3480
_Video- Enroll at Garcia
  Jovita Idár Elementary School
_(312) 455-5450
_Video- Enroll at Idar
  Donald J. Marquez Elementary School
_(773) 321-2200
_Video- Enroll at Marquez
  Octavio Paz Elementary School
_(773) 890-1054
_Video- Enroll at Paz
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  Esmeralda Santiago Elementary School
_(312) 455-5410
_Video- Enroll at Santiago
  Victoria Soto High School
_(312) 455-5446
_Video- Enroll at Soto
  Rufino Tamayo Elementary School
_(773) 434-6355
_Video- Enroll at Tamayo
  PFC Omar E. Torres Elementary School
_(773) 579-3475
_Video- Enroll at Torres
  SPC Daniel Zizumbo Elementary School
_(773) 579-3470
_Video- Enroll at Zizumbo