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Acero Schools

Acero Schools Links

Below you will find links and resources for more information about all Acero schools. Click below to learn more about each of our schools!
For a map of school locations, click here.
Are you interested in enrolling or do you have additional questions? Our dedicated enrollment team is ready to help you! Contact the field team staff member at your preferred school for one-one-one support:
Acero Campus Enrollment Staff Member Cell Phone Number
Brighton Park, Marquez, Tamayo Araceli Lara 312.515.4192
Cisneros, Casas Maria "Lupe" Orozco 312.350.9765
Cruz, Santiago Elizabeth Pulido 312.342.4657
Clemente, Fuentes Brian Ortega 872.202.4964
Idar, Paz Cintia Cruz 312.307.7698
Garcia, Soto Ivette Esparza 312.282.5231
Torres, Zizumbo Jesse A. Simental 312.480.7083
  Brighton Park Elementary School
_(312) 455-5434
_Video- Enroll at Brighton Park
  Bartolomé de las Casas Elementary School
_(312) 432-3224
_Video- Enroll at Casas
  Sandra Cisneros Elementary School
_(773) 376-8830
_Video- Enroll at Cisneros
  Roberto Clemente Elementary School
_(312) 455-5425
_Video- Enroll at Clemente
  Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz K-12 School
_(312) 455-5440
_Video- Enroll at Cruz
  Carlos Fuentes Elementary School
_(773) 279-9826
_Video- Enroll at Fuentes
  Mjr. Hector P. García M.D. High School
_(773) 579-3480
_Video- Enroll at Garcia
  Jovita Idár Elementary School
_(312) 455-5450
_Video- Enroll at Idar
  Donald J. Marquez Elementary School
_(773) 321-2200
_Video- Enroll at Marquez
  Octavio Paz Elementary School
_(773) 890-1054
_Video- Enroll at Paz
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  Esmeralda Santiago Elementary School
_(312) 455-5410
_Video- Enroll at Santiago
  Victoria Soto High School
_(312) 455-5446
_Video- Enroll at Soto
  Rufino Tamayo Elementary School
_(773) 434-6355
_Video- Enroll at Tamayo
  PFC Omar E. Torres Elementary School
_(773) 579-3475
_Video- Enroll at Torres
  SPC Daniel Zizumbo Elementary School
_(773) 579-3470
_Video- Enroll at Zizumbo