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Parents and Community » Somos Potentes. Join Acero's advocacy and engagement efforts!

Somos Potentes. Join Acero's advocacy and engagement efforts!

 Advocate 1. Fearlessly advocate for the interests of our students, families, schools, community and network in the public policy space at all levels of government and within the communities we serve.
Support 2. Build a strong base of support among charter school parents and families and mobilize supporters to elevate their voices to advance the interests of their students and the community.
Educate 3. Educate our stakeholders on key K-12 and public charter school policies and trends being centered in a public debate and policy circles and our perspective on these issues.
Voice 4. Emerge as the preeminent voice for Latina/o-serving public charter school communities in the Midwest.
5. Celebrate and engage, through service, our schools, students, graduates, families and communities.
What is Advocacy?
Advocacy means raising awareness about an important matter to educate people and communities faced with big decisions or choices. There are a variety of ways to advocate for something important to our schools. This can include signing petitions or letters, attending events and speaking with public officials and community leaders.
As members of the public charter school community, we have the ability to use our voice to educate and weigh in on important decisions that directly impact our schools, kids and families. Advocacy for and about the Acero Schools’ community is vital to bolstering public knowledge and support for public charter schools. Our objectives are simple - maintain and seek greater equity with other public schools, tell our story and secure the resources needed to continue our work.
Collective action is the key to our success, as the power of one individual alone is often not enough to make the kind of progress our students deserve. However, a group of people speaking up about the same issue makes it more challenging to ignore. Advocacy on a large scale on a single issue can make a serious impact on the decision-making of public officials and that is the crux of our Somos Potentes efforts.
To learn more about pending state legislation, you may find a summary of the key legislation impacting charter schools here, and a complete list of legislation impacting K-12 education here. You will periodically receive calls for action similar to the one you received earlier this week. We will keep you apprised of the expansion of this program to include parents and other supporters.

Opportunities to Engage
Van trips: Join us in Springfield to meet with public officials.
Lobby Day: Participate in INCS Lobby Day on May 8-9, 2019.
Speak at a CPS board meetings: Join us to share your student's experience each month.
Share your testimonial: We want to hear from you! Contact to share your story!
Stay informed: Contact if you'd like to be added to advocacy related newsletters and resources in partnership with the Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) and Elevate Chicago.
Spread the word: Each of us has the opportunity to be an Acero ambassador.  Join us!
May 8: 14th Annual INCS Lobby Day 
April 24: Chicago Public Schools Board of Education Meeting
April 2: Chicago Runoff Elections for Mayor, Alderman, and City Treasurer
March 27: Chicago Public School Board of Education Meeting
February 27: Chicago Public Schools Board of Education Meeting 
February 13: Archer Heights Civic Association Mayoral Forum - VMC Campus