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Welcome to Acero Schools / Bienvenido a Acero Schools
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About Acero Schools

Acero Schools opened our first school nearly 20 years ago to provide better educational choices for urban families. Today Acero has grown to a network of 15 schools.  Increasing in diversity but rooted in Hispanic communities, we educate more than 7,500 Chicago students annually.  Our high performing schools are tuition-free and serve students from across the city of Chicago. 


You dreamed, now help your child achieve

Enrolling at an Acero Elementary School

Enrollment at Acero elementary schools involves two steps for prospective students and families - application and registration. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our application deadline for the lottery has passed. Applications will still be accepted for the new school year. All applications received after 4 p.m. on March 2, 2018 will be placed on the waitlist. After the lottery is conducted the new applications will be added in the order in which they were received. Applicants on the wait list will be given the opportunity to enroll when an available opening is identified.


To enroll your child in an Acero elementary school, please fill out an application using the forms on the right side of the page:

Application - English   


Aplicación – Español


AVISO IMPORTANTE: La fecha límite para el sorteo ha pasado. Todavía se aceptarán solicitudes para el nuevo año escolar. Toda solicitud recibida después de las 4:00 p.m. el 2 de marzo de 2018 será puesta en la lista de espera. Después que el sorteo se lleve a cabo, las nuevas solicitudes se agregarán en el orden en que sean recibidas. Los solicitantes en la lista de espera tendrán la oportunidad de inscribirse una vez que se identifique un asiento disponible.