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Christine Diaz

As chief education officer, Christine Diaz guides the educational strategy for the network’s 15 public charter schools.  Diaz has more than 15 years of leadership experience in Chicago schools and a proven track record in achieving academic gains. She joined Acero Schools in 2018 as managing director of student achievement. Prior to that, she served as principal of Instituto Justice and Leadership Academy in Chicago.


Diaz shares a deep philosophical alignment with Acero’s mission and vision, and an unwavering belief that education is liberation. She models, inspires and transforms schools to be excellence-bound. She skillfully marries her passion for excellence and commitment to developing others to increase educational and economic equity for the communities she serves. Her sense of urgency, agency and action against adversity drives her “whatever it takes” approach to getting things done. Diaz exemplifies Acero’s values in her purpose-driven school leadership.


Diaz earned her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Florida Institute of Technology, and worked as an engineer before shifting to a career in teaching and educational leadership.  She earned her master’s degree in educational leadership from Northeastern Illinois University and also completed the New Leaders for New Schools’ rigorous principal preparation program. Mrs. Diaz is also currently a Surge Institute fellow.