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Somos Scholarship

The Somos Acero Scholarship was created to recognize the achievements of our students and to support their educational journeys when they graduate from high school. A unique feature of the scholarship is that it is awarded to elementary school graduates as well as the graduates of our three high schools. Our goal is to encourage all of our students to pursue the collegiate education of their choice and to remain rooted in our community of scholars.


From our beginnings we sought to provide excellent educational opportunities for our community members.  Acero 8th grade graduates go on to attend neighborhood, selective enrollment, parochial and our Acero high schools. Wherever they go they represent our vision to “provide educational opportunities that will launch the next generation of extraordinary life-long learners, discerners and doers.”


This year, we granted 15 scholarships to deserving Acero students. Not only did these students stand out through their academic achievements but they also embodied the Acero values of Achievement, Community, Excellence, Resilience and Optimism. 


In June, the Somos Scholars were recognized at our Annual Somos Acero Achievement Luncheon where they received their awards from our Chief Executive Officer, Richard L. Rodriguez and Directing Manager of the Department of Student Achievement, Matt Rodriguez.  


Thank you to all of our sponsors and guests for your support. It is your generosity and belief in our mission that enables us to provide students with scholarship funding. 

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